eBay Product Description Writing Services

If you want to increase your sales on the online eBay marketplace then you need great product description with the right keyword to appear higher in marketplace search results and search engines like Google. To improve your eBay product listing’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) eBay product descriptions are a good opportunity.

However, one crucial point to keep in mind is your eBay product description should convince shoppers who are already interested in the product that they should buy it from you once again and again.

eBay product descriptions give you a chance to tell potential buyers of your product about all the details, features and benefits of the product and why they need it.

Below Are The Following Points To Keep In Mind While Writing eBay Product Descriptions:

Focus on who your customers are and what they are going to be looking for. Keep in mind what your customers want from the products you sell when you’re writing the descriptions.

Keep it short and easy to read. You need to persuade the overwhelming shoppers about the right product with your product description. Stick to short paragraphs and bullet points to avoid big blocks of text.

Once you have a list of all the features of the product explain how each one will benefit the customer; how does it improve their lives or what problems can it solve.

Think about why someone is buying your eBay item when you are writing the description. A good trick in writing compelling copy for product description on eBay is to list the type of people that will likely buy it. And then list the reasons that each particular person will purchase it. You might find the reasons are slightly different: is the item stylish to some but perhaps a functional necessity to others. Wellingtons, for instance, have a mixed user base - think "Hunters".

Don't be afraid to be creative: Some eBay users say that including a personal note (such as a story or an opinion on why the item is special) has boosted their sales.

Check if you have used the correct grammar and spelled everything correctly. Points should be separated to make it readable into their own paragraphs because no-one wants to read a huge block of text.

Be creative in your eBay product description: Including a personal note such as a story or an opinion on why the product is BEST quality-wise has boosted sales. Hence try to be a little bit creative while writing the eBay product description. Just remember that the information or story should be relevant to the item and it should be at the very bottom of your description.

Be clear and accurate: The buyer wants to clearly understand exactly what you are selling. Include correct specifications such as size, color, measurements, condition new or used, age, what's included in the LOT number and the brand or manufacturer. What specifications you include will depend on the item but try to put yourself in the role of the buyer; what would you like to know about the item?