eBay Data Research from Terapeak

Data is a unique and valuable resource that powers online markets’ products. You can turn this data into action items for your website? What exactly can this data or information really does for your business? We at Data Entry Adroits use this Data to do Product Data Research on eBay. Product Data Research on eBay is very valuable for one good reason to build a business around.

Someone would invest their hard earned money in an idea or product without properly researching it beforehand.

Our Product Data Research on eBay team checks what your consumer is looking for when doing online research. In short eBay's data gives a complete view of global commerce that you cannot get anywhere else.

If buyers can’t find your product, they won’t buy it!
You’ll never know for sure that the product you’re planning to sell is going to be a success. Retailers indicate that customers like to browse the Internet to research major products. A major purchase is a commitment for many consumers.

Having that personable and knowledgeable sales associate is important.Successful Retailers Bridge the online to in-store engagement, creating a frictionless experience is very crucial for your business to flourish.

Almost half of customers (45%) consider closing the sale for a major purchase online as a challenge. There are several reasons for this, some connected to the availability of financing online.

Terapeak Data Research references 365 days of completed listing records and active sales transaction records on the internet. And also more than half of the customers to your business conduct Online Research before Buying.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals starting even earlier, shoppers are taking to the Internet to do their research and to find the best deals. But what type of characteristics stop shoppers from making purchases?

Here are 5 things your customers are looking for online before making their purchase and eBay Data Research from Terapeak will give me the details about the following:

  • Pictures: No matter what you’re selling – software, hardware or tennis shoes – all online customer research begins with a desire to better understand your product. Having many pictures of your product is a great way to give potential customers a quick idea of what you do. For those businesses who sell services or intangible products like software, you can still utilize pictures on your website. Create illustrations that show how your software works or your process as a business.

  • Pricing: Price is one of the key factors in any customer’s buying decision. Be upfront with your pricing, don’t hide it.

  • Value: Your value proposition should be featured very close to your pricing. Sure, your product may be expensive, but does it save 40 working hours a week? Optimizing your site for online product research is all about ensuring that your customers understand in detail what they can expect to gain from your company or product.

  • Specifications: Sizes, shapes, colors, estimated delivery or execution time – all of this information is vital to your customer’s buying decision. You want to make sure that your customers have all of the information they need to make an informed buying decision when the time comes.

  • Reviews: This is the one element that makes us cringe. We hear a lot of review nightmares from clients, but reviews are a key part of the online shopping world. You can take advantage of this by posting reviews from satisfied customers on your product pages, or allowing reviews on your website. Creating case studies about your products is another way to showcase quotes from your customers.

Each customer is different and will research products in his own way. If you’d like help optimizing your website for product research, contact us to see how Data Entry Adroits eBay Products Data Research Services can help you convert prospective customers into sales! Navigating the eBay landscape can be difficult; eBay Data Research from Terapeak makes your selling experience easier by giving you access to real, actionable data.

Every day EBay’s list of products/items that is closed or sold is collected as data packages, we at DEA then make that data searchable so you can determine how much you can sell your items for, what the demand is, what the competition looks like, and what new opportunities are sprouting up. This data is ruffle free and the numbers don't lie, they are authentic.

Terapeak offers a whole suite of ways to analyze transaction data. New sales data is imported in close to real-time for each EBay seller account.

Data Entry Adroits eBay Products Data Research Services will provide you the following parameters to make strategic sales Decisions:

  • Average Price (the average end price of sold results only)
  • Highest Priced Results
  • Individual End Price Results
  • Price Buckets

We will link your eBay account with Terapeak data research to populate the dashboard with 30 days of your recent traffic data.NOTE: - Exact Traffic data may not be available for listings with impressions data below eBay's minimum traffic requirement.

Data Entry Adroits eBay Products Data Research Services will split your data into several searchable sections like: - Product Research, Hot Research, and Category Research just to name a few. These sections give you different ways to approach the data so you can get a 360 view of what is happening on eBay.

With the help of our eBay Product Data Research team we also give you access to DEA’s base SEO package, allowing you to optimize your keywords, quickly craft titles.

How To Run a Product Research Report with Terapeak eBay Research Software:

  • Log into Terapeak
  • Click on Research
  • Click on Product Research under the eBay Research heading
  • Enter keywords related to your product
  • Press Search
  • Browse the results
  • Exclude any unwanted listings with outlier keywords by using the -keyword command
  • Run the search again checking the "listings view" to see if the results match your item completely.
  • View the different prices for the items sold in the last 90 days.
  • Price your item based on the data available.
  • Price lower if you need to move the product quickly, higher if you're able to wait for the right buyer.


If the price doesn’t look right (your item isn't that expensive or inexpensive), keep in mind that searching by keyword alone usually finds a wide range of price results including used condition items, products in other categories, and accessories which share keywords as the product in question.

Try adding a category filter and click on the filter menus to access options for limiting price or condition variation in the results.

Conducting eBay market research for your business is not only wise, it’s essential. Taking the time to go through this market research process will help you uncover whether or not there is a healthy demand around your business idea.